Going on vacation: the 5 best snacks to take on the road


Summer holidays are about to begin for a good number of French people. And the eternal question comes up the day before departure: what should you eat to have a good car trip? A dietician gives her advice.

Going on vacation is often synonymous with long car journeys. This year, there would even be 20 million French people who will make this choice, according to our colleagues from TF1. And who says long journey, says breaks to stretch your legs… and fill the small hollows of the stomach !

However, the options in service stations are limited and the quality is not always there. So to combine healthy snack with time saving and saving, dietitian Jessica Ball lists, in EatingWell magazine, the foods that we should all take on the road. Tips to discover in pictures.

Traveling by car: what meal to eat before departure?

If snacks are important during the trip, the meal before departure is just as important! In fact, it is better avoiding foods that are too fatty, too salty or too sweet, which are more difficult to digest and may cause fatigue more quickly. Moreover, you should not fall into the trap of not eating anything either, because the brain also needs fuel to stay focused for long hours of driving. Ideally, you should have a light but substantial meal, which should consist of:

  • slow sugars : whole grains are preferred because they are richer in nutrients;
  • proteins : vegetable proteins are easier to digest, these are legumes such as lentils, dried beans, tofu, etc.;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits : in addition to being sources of vitamins, they help maintain good hydration in the body.

As for drinks, alcohol must absolutely be avoided, as it is a psychotropic that reduces alertness and promotes drowsiness at the wheel. In addition, the body tends to become dehydrated more quickly in the passenger compartment of the car, so it is necessary to favor drinks that hydrate well before departure such as herbal teas, whole milk, tea and in all simplicity: water.

Fresh produce is often the hardest food to find on a car journey. For this reason, the dietician explains that raw vegetables are the first things she prepares in the list of provisions, along with homemade hummus. “That can include sliced ​​peppers, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, celery, or whatever I have in my fridge that won’t last while I’m out of town.” A healthy and hydrating snack! “Plus, hummus adds protein and fiber to boost the satiety factor.”

“Before I leave, I make sure the bread I use is well toasted to prevent it from going soft while it rests. Then I’ll layer a nutritious and flavorful spread like hummus, mashed avocado or tzatziki, add cheese and pile on as many thinly sliced ​​vegetables and leafy greens as possible,” says the dietitian.

“I always pack slices of apple, a pint of berries or a few bananas in the cooler for a refreshing snack that satisfies any sweet cravings,” dietitian Jessica Ball tells EatingWell magazine.

“Instead of buying a premade trail mix at a rest stop, I make my own at home before I go.” Nuts, cereals, dried fruits… It is possible to make this mixture salty or sweet, depending on dietary preferences and individual restrictions.

Staying well hydrated throughout the trip is essential. One of the best ways to do this, according to the specialist, is to drink coconut water because it “provides potassium, phosphorus and magnesium which helps get lots of electrolytes and water,” to maintain good body hydration.


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