Stoltenberg: Turkey and Greece play an important role in the Alliance


“THE Turkey as well as the Hellas is valuable alliesplaying a important role in the Alliance. The NATO has created a collision avoidance mechanism, which we used in 2020 to establish more transparency and prevent the creation of an uncontrollable spiral of tension. We are ready to do it again. “

This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview published today in the French periodical LE POINT.

“The situation is difficult and that is why it is necessary for NATO to be a platform where Greece and Turkey can meet,” Stoltenberg added.

Asked in the same interview whether Ankara’s terrorism objections to Sweden and Finland’s demands for NATO membership were justified, he said: “I say that when such concerns are expressed, we should consult and see what we can do, together, to to ensure that we fight terrorism together. “

To the question “do you know that Turkey today describes ordinary political opponents as ‘terrorists'” Stoltenberg replied: “I know the allies are concerned about the situation of the opposition in Turkey. NATO is a platform where the Allies can also discuss these issues. “.

Finally, on the Ukrainian issue, he explains how the Alliance seeks to secure victory for Ukraine without going to war with Russia, but stresses that “Putin’s nuclear rhetoric is dangerous.”


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