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Your days are generally very busy… and physical and/or mental fatigue is often felt. Dr. David Rakel, director of the integrative medicine program at the University of Wisconsin, delivers the 7 essential keys that allow you to feel good from morning until night.

“The welfare is often associated with the satisfaction of the needs of the body and the spirit”, recalls Inserm in a press release of June 2021. However, finding this balance is far from easy. The 2022 Annual Global Well-Being Report, produced by sportswear brand lululemon with Edelman Data & Intelligence (DXI) and published in February 2022, showed that the French face several obstacles to their well-being

The obstacles to the well-being of the French

After questioning more than 10,000 adults in ten countries – including France – between October and November 2021 about their physical, mental and social feelings, the study established that thewell-being index world is 66. Despite the loss of 4 points in one year, the China is the nation where people say they are the happiest (75). It is followed by the France and Singapore which both display 68 dots. Next come the USA (67) and Canada (66).

South Koreans show the greatest increase in happiness (+2 points) to finally reach a score of 65.

According to the survey, here are the five main obstacles to the satisfaction of the population:

  • the lack of money (50%);
  • the lack of an entourage to lean on (49%);
  • the Covid-19 (41%);
  • stress (38%);
  • the lack of time (36%).

The keys to improving your well-being

There are several things that help improve your sense of well-being. Dr. David Rakel, director of the Integrative Medicine program at the University of Wisconsin, helps his patients find the keys that help them find their balance and maintain it throughout the day. Questioned by the American health site WebMD, the expert recalls that “feel good” means that “your body and mind are working at their maximum level“but also that a”general feeling of well-being” accompanies you in parallel.

The doctor delivered the 7 steps to follow if you want to find your balance day by day. The Medisite editorial staff details them in images.

“If we can learn to recognize the clutter in which our mind finds itself and being more mindful of the present moment can be a huge boost to our overall sense of well-being,” says Dr. Rakel. The ‘clutter’ that can make you feel bad includes regret for the past and worry that bad things could happen to you.

A practice called mindfulness can help you reduce clutter by keeping your focus on the present moment.

The same event can happen to two people, and one sees it as positive and the other as negative. So try to see the bright side of things and people around you; it can help you ward off anxiety and depression, says Dr. David Rakel.

Dr. Rakel recommends identifying “what gives meaning and purpose to your life“. It can be your religious beliefs or enjoying nature or sharing moments with your loved ones. “If we wake up in the morning excited about something that gives us meaning and personal purpose, our body is doing all it can to heal.“, he says.

Having a good support network of family, friends, coworkers, and other people who care about you can help you stay healthier, feel less stressed, and even live longer. . Spend time with these people regularly and strive to maintain strong relationships with them.

Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin which plays a role in helping you feel happy.

“While you’re outside in the sun, use the time to exercise for an extra boost,” says Dr. Rakel. Research has shown that thephysical activity may be as effective as medication in treating or preventing mild to moderate depression. It can also help your anxiety.

In the evening, as the sky darkens, your brain makes a hormone called melatonin. It helps you fall asleep. Some of your choices during the day and at night affect its rate, which in turn can play a role in the quality of your sleep.

The healthcare professional advises:

Exercise daily in the sunas it also helps you sleep at night.

Lower your thermostat : You make melatonin when your body is cooler, so you’ll probably sleep better if you’re not too hot.

Turn off the lights : if your room is not completely dark, you will not produce as much melatonin.

How you fuel your body and mind makes a big difference to your form. Choose vegetables while paying attention to the seasons and avoid processed foods that are too fatty or too sweet..





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