More and more people draw 100 euros at the pump and it hurts


Not only those who drive a very large car with a ditto tank, but also people with a more modest tank, it can now happen that the pump shows 100 euros when the tank is full. And that brings us much more than a price per liter of 2.50 euros, according to Paul van Selms of UnitedConsumers.

“Seeing the meter go up to 100 euros hurts much more than this psychological barrier of 2.50 euros per liter,” says Van Selms. This line was broken two weeks ago and the price has been hovering around this price ever since.

Van Selms calculates that people who have a car with a tank capacity of 55 liters, such as a SKODA Octavia, will soon have to pay 100 euros. “An average refueling takes over 40 liters and the average price is around 2.35 euros, so you’re already there.” This has been calculated with a discount on the recommended retail price offered by petrol stations that are not located along the motorway.

“There are also people who always fill up for a fixed amount. If it’s 25 euros, you won’t get very far with that,” notes the director of UnitedConsumers.

According to Van Selms, the only thing you can do to soften the tank cover is pump up your tires, dump the imperial, and drive slowly. “It saves 10% on your fuel costs.”

The average national recommended retail price is currently 2,492 euros.

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