10 quotes to rhyme health and happiness


A study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada), with a representative sample of 12,998 American adults over the age of 50. People self-rated their level of life satisfaction and health. They were then followed for 4 years during which they answered various questionnaires on their physical and psychological health.

“Life satisfaction is a person’s evaluation of their own life based on the factors they deem most relevant,” explained Dr. Eric Kim, assistant professor in UBC’s Department of Psychology and Principal author of the study.

“Whether life satisfaction is shaped by genetics, social factors and changing life circumstancesit can also be improved both individually and collectively at the national level.”

Happiness: happy people have a lower risk of mortality

“The results of this study suggest that life satisfaction is a valuable goal that policy makers need to consider when improving physical, psychological and behavioral health outcomes at the policy level,” says Dr. Kim, lead author of the study.

In effect, people who were satisfied with their life had a 26% reduction in mortality riska 46% risk of depression, a 25% risk of limitation of physical functions, a 12% lower risk of suffering from chronic pain and a 14% lower risk of sleep disorders.

Happiness leads to positive thoughts

The researchers also noticed that people who reported feeling satisfied with their life were more likely to engage in regular physical activity. Indeed, sport guarantees better physical health and better psychological balance. If we tend to think that the positive leads to the positive, this study reveals that it is rather true… Thus, people evaluating their satisfaction in life as being good or very good presented better psychological well-being (positive affect, optimism, purpose in life and mastery of emotions).

To work on this aspect, the Medisite editorial team has unearthed inspiring quotes of positive thoughts to make happiness and health rhyme. Discover 10 quotes that boost morale!

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