15 concealer foods recommended by a dermatologist


There are several types of dark circles. Dark circles, which are blue and called vascular rings, are caused by a blood circulation dysfunction and lymphatic. With age or for genetic reasons, blood circulates less efficiently within the lower eyelid. The blood capillaries mainly composed of collagenthus become more distended and a venous stasis appears until pigmenting the skin.

Dark circles can also appear in people with familial predisposition to produce melanin in the areas around the eyes. This phenomenon will concern people with duller skin.

Contrary to what we tend to believe, the lack of sleep is not the only factor favoring the appearance of dark circles. “Dark circles can also come from a intestinal obstruction“, explains the Dr. Paul Dupont, dermatologist and author of Take care of your skin naturally (ed. Eyrolles). Lack of sleep and digestion problems can impact blood circulation. This is also the case of hormonal disturbances due to menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

Good habits to fight against dark circles

You can act on your dark circles on a daily basis. Start by working to improve your sleep if you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep. Like bags under the eyes, dark circles can appear if you’re sleep deprived.

Promote digestion and prevent dehydration when it’s hot is just as essential to fight dark circles.

“The contribution of phospholipids may also be effective, as it increases plasticity. For example, we can advise taking marine lecithin which contains omega 3 phospholipids. These will tone and increase the elasticity of the dermis,” recommends Dr Dupont.

food can also be a game-changer if you are prone to dark circles.

“On a nutritional level, we can reduce dark circles by increasing the intake of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins E and C, vitamins C2 which have an effect on micro-circulation and which repair the capillaries”, advises our expert. Discover in pictures the foods to put on the menu.

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