France: 7 out of 10 citizens rejoice that Macron did not win an absolute parliamentary majority


According to a poll conducted on behalf of a French television station, about 7 out of 10 French people are happy that the re-elected President of the Republic Emanuel Macron in April did not win the absolute parliamentary majority in June, considering that it is “good for democracy”.

Also 43% believe that the far right Marin Le Pen better embodies the role of the opposition in Emanuel Macron, compared to 31% who believe that it is Jean-Luc Melanson with the People’s Union of Left parties, while only 4% see this role the Republicans.

On the other hand, the French are divided when asked to answer with which party the French president would like to negotiate the issues of French government.

24% of French people want Emanuel Macron to negotiate first and foremost with the Left, 21% with the far right, 20% with the center-right Republicans, while 35% say they have no opinion.

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