AADE: Small reduction of debtors in the Tax Office in April


According to the data of AADE, the debtors of the State fell below the limit of 4 million, according to the data of AADE, while the new overdue debt showed a small increase compared to last year.

More specifically, the number of those who owe to the State, amounted to 3,937,848 for the end of April, compared to 4,014,028 at the end of March, a decrease of 1.7%.

The total overdue debt showed a marginal decrease and amounts to 112.551 billion euros, compared to 112.852 billion, a month earlier, ie at the end of March 2022.

Detailed data, as reported by AADE:

1. New overdue tax debts increased by 178 million euros in April and in the four months totaled 3.504 billion euros. If the comparison is made with the first four months of 2021 then there is an increase of 50% as then the arrears in the Tax Office amounted to 2.332 billion euros. However, the amounts are not comparable and this is because as AADE points out, in the first four months of this year, a debt of 800 million euros was added, which comes from a single debtor.

2. In April, new overdue debts (in total) increased by EUR 250 million. Thus, in the first four months of the year, overdue debts reached a total of 3.724 billion euros.

3. The total overdue debt has amounted to 112.551 billion euros, of which 25.417 billion euros are uncollectible.

4. 3,944,665 natural and legal persons have debts to the Tax Office. Of these debtors, 1,978,695 are threatened with seizures while 1,356,500 have been forced to collect measures.

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