Intermittent fasting: 4 followers describe the first benefits


“Intermittent fasting has regulated my hypertension”

“I fast every morning and occasionally in the evening. I have been practicing 16/8 fasting for several years. Initially, it was for lack of time. However, quickly, I felt the benefits and I got used to it. This is what motivates me to continue”.

“In 4 weeks, I lost 4 pounds and I found a flat stomach. I also feel a feeling of well-being, of lightness… and that’s thanks to intermittent fasting”.

“But the most obvious benefit has been on my blood pressure. I take medication for high blood pressure since a long time. I have to check it regularly. Since I practiced intermittent fasting, she went down “.

Michael, 46 years old

“The first benefits, it was in my sleep that I felt them”

“After years of yoyo with my weightI wanted to try intermittent fasting to lose weight permanently. I was tired of restrictive diets. I hoped to adopt a sustainable diet in the long term and gradually lose weight.

“The first benefits are at the level of my sleep that I felt them. I’ve always had the habit of making big dinners at night. I had difficulty falling asleep, I suffered from bloating and digestive problems… which have completely disappeared since I practiced intermittent fasting. I chose to fast at night, and I think that explains why I sleep much better. In the morning, I also feel much lighter.”

Today, I fast in the evening for two evenings a week. Sometimes I adapt my fast so that it doesn’t interfere with my social life. When I cannot fast in the evening, I will compensate by skipping breakfast the next morning.”

Sara, 33 years old

“Intermittent fasting brings me happiness”

“I have been practicing intermittent fasting since April 2021, after gaining a few pounds following confinement. I listened to my body and I spontaneously said to myself that I did not necessarily need such a rich diet as when I move more by going to the office and practicing a sporting activity in the gym. Things that were forbidden to us for long months.

“I don’t have a day, nor a defined rhythm, I practice young 16/8 mainly in the evening when I find myself alone and when I feel the need “.

“Right from the start, intermittent fasting gave me a certain well-being. Not only does it allow me to have fun while keeping it, but above all, it’s my body itself that demands it. Since I try to listen to my body as much as possible, I never feel frustrated. I really feel like fasting is becoming a necessity. Thanks to him, I feel happy and serene. I have found my balance”.

Christine, 43 years old

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