Massage: the 7 good techniques to lose belly fat


the massage does not only have relaxing or energizing virtues. He can also be a major ally in thinning… provided you know the right techniques and, of course, adopt a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Medisite interviewed two beauticians: Priscillia, independent, and Virginie, who officiates at the Thermes Marins Spa in Saint-Malo, about their flat stomach massage methods. We reveal them to you in this article.

“Certain massage techniques are effective in reshaping the silhouette, provided they properly drain the body,” says Priscillia. In other words, you have to think about stay hydrated drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. “The water supply is going to have an essential role because, because the latter facilitates the transport of cellular waste through the lymph. However, during the massage, we will “break” the fat deposits (the excess fat that forms cellulite). This fat will then be redistributed in the lymphatic and blood circulation, to be used again as an energy source”.

regularity of these massages is also important. There is no miracle massage to lose 5 cm of waistline in a single session! If you practice self-massage at home, the ideal is to perform them every day, applying your slimming cream. Virginie particularly recommends using the Dosera & Algues Slimming Action Serum (from the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo range) with upward toning maneuvers and kneading exercises explained beforehand in the cabin by a professional. If you prefer to go to a spa, “the sessions must be done in cure, 2 to 3 per weekpersonalized according to the needs of the person,” says Virginie.

Slimming massage: combine it with a balanced diet and physical activity

Two other conditions are essential to find a flat stomach: (re)balancing your diet and moving. Priscillia recommends “engage in regular sports and especially, less than 24 hours after the massage to burn off this “energy” that has been redistributed to the body”. She adds that “fat loss is 70% linked to our diet. Balancing is therefore mandatory for best results”.

As for food, the beautician strongly encourages be wary of foods high in refined sugar. More than fat, it is indeed sugar that is transformed into fat cells when it is present in too large quantities in the body. Especially since our body does not need pastries, pastries and other ice creams to be healthy. She also recommends to avoid alcoholwhich is itself very high in sugar, as well as excess salt“which accentuates water retention and will therefore cause compression of the blood and lymphatic vessels, reducing their effectiveness”.

7 special flat stomach massage techniques

Through their draining action, their ability to break down draining cells, or to boost circulation and elimination, several massage techniques are effective in reducing the orange peel appearance, reshaping the silhouette and firming it.

The palpate-roll

“For me, the palpate-roll is the most effective maneuver to refine the belly… but it’s not the least painful”, emphasizes Priscillia, beautician. “It all depends on the level of cellulite localized in this place”. This firm massage makes it possible to reach the deep tissues and thus activate lipolysis – either the evacuation of fats and toxins. It consists of kneading the skin to soften it and decongest it. The ample and wide movements also make it possible to take off the tissues, to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation and to eliminate toxins by a draining action.


The kneading movements go break down fat cells and send these fat cells to the lymph nodes to eliminate them. To dislodge fatty deposits in depth, grab a fold of skin and knead it. Do this over the entire belly area.

The pinches

“This method will create hyperaemia, that is to say a significant local increase in blood flow,” explains the expert. It is a massage that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and dislodges fatty deposits.


In combination with the previous techniques, beats can help break down fat cells and firm the belly. Similarly, “doing detox pressure on the stomach can also be a way to facilitate weight loss,” adds Priscillia.

Circular movements

The circular massage promotes digestion, reduces water retention and promotes exchanges between cells. The right gesture: with the flat of the hand, massage in circles on the stomach, in the direction of clockwise. For more efficiency, take the opportunity to apply a slimming cream. “Rotary movements with the fists can also help reshape the silhouette,” says Virginie, beautician at the Thermes Marins Spa in Saint-Malo.

Drainage and circulatory maneuvers

“This technique and all those mentioned above make it possible to break down fat cells, drain, improve blood circulation, boost elimination and improve transit, in order to reduce the orange peel appearance, firm and reshape the silhouette”, explains Virginia.

Cellu M6 and suction cups

“At the Thermes Marins Spa in Saint-Malo, we also use Cellu M6 and suction cups in combination with manual techniques, for optimal results,” says the specialist.

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