5 foods to avoid to lose weight this summer according to Dr. Michael Mosley


You wish to take advantage of the summer period, which is often less stressful, to achieve your weightloss ? Questioned by a British media, the Dr Michael Mosley, a very popular doctor in the United Kingdom and author of several books on nutrition, gave his advice on how to achieve this quickly and without jeopardizing your health. The key would be to combine some form of intermittent fasting with the Mediterranean diet…

The 5:2 Diet: A Form of Intermittent Fasting That Regulates Blood Sugar

Dr. Michael Mosley popularized the 5:2 diet, a form of intermittent fasting which consists of eating normally five days a week and drastically reducing your calorie intake during the remaining two days, so as not to exceed 500 kcal / day. This method, which he applied to himself, enabled him not only to lose 9 kgbut also and mostly) to reverse his diabetes without the need for medication.

“I am not exceptional. Studies by Professor Roy Taylor and his team at Newcastle University have shown that losing 10-15% of body weight can reverse type 2 diabetes in 84% of newly diagnosed diabetics and in 50% of people with diabetes for more than 10 years”, explains the doctor on his website, thefast800.com.

5:2 Fasting and the Mediterranean Diet: The Winning Combination for Weight Loss

Following the success of the 5:2 diet, Dr. Mosley improved it by combining it with the Mediterranean diet, which he considers the best diet for anyone looking to lose weight quickly while staying healthy. “To get far more benefits from intermittent fasting, adopt a low carb mediterranean dietboth the days you fast and the days you don’t”, advises the specialist.

The latter supposes giving pride of place to certain foods, such as olive oilnuts and others oilseedsbut also the eggsthe whole natural yogurtthem oily fish and the vegetables. “Make sure you’re stocking up on protein and veggies on your fasting days,” the doctor insists. “Protein is very filling and you can eat lots of vegetables for very few calories.”

Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet also involves limit several food categories, rich in fast sugars, which we list in images, below. Remember, however, that it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting a diet, whatever it may be.

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