Ministry of Immigration: “Greece fully respects the action of human rights defenders”


“Greece fully respects the action of organized or individual human rights defenders working on immigration and asylum issues, as shown by the large number of NGOs with which it cooperates directly or indirectly.”

This is pointed out by sources in the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum regarding the conclusions presented by the UN special expert, Mary Lolor, for the human rights defenders in the country.

The same sources of the ministry reject “any accusation of creating disproportionate burdens and limiting their activity”.

“Our concern is the entry into force of a clear framework of action of organizations and individual defenders with a view to maintaining public order, combating all illegal activities and exploitation and consolidating a sense of security in the beneficiaries themselves, but also in the local population, especially in islands of the Eastern Aegean “, they emphasize.

Regarding the NGO Register, they emphasize that its establishment “is precisely aimed at ensuring transparency and puts in order a complex space with a certification process absolutely necessary and proportionate to the challenges. No discrimination is created and based on objective and measurable data.”

“Targeting the Greek authorities”, the same sources conclude, is “the prevention of illegal actions, including the trafficking of human beings, an element which the special rapporteur acknowledges in her report”.

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