Negotiation agreement on the new collective labor agreement for secondary education


The unions and the secondary education council have reached an agreement to negotiate a new collective labor agreement for secondary education. The teaching staff will improve by 4.75%. An agreement has also been reached on how the 300 million euros will be spent, made available by the cabinet to ease the workload.

According to the Secondary Education Council, half of this money is spent on “a collective approach in which headteachers, teachers and support staff consult on what needs to be done in their school”. This would mean, for example, additional support for teachers or advice for students.

“The other half of the available resources is spent through an individual component, with each employee entitled to additional time for job relief,” the council reports. “In concrete terms, this means that the size of the so-called personal budget will be increased from forty hours to ninety hours. This can create additional time to, for example, promote expertise or prepare courses.”

Permanent employees receive a one-time bonus

The Association for General Education (AOb) feared that the millions promised by the government could be “fabricated” by employers, because too much spending would be left to education teams. As a result, there would not be much left for individual workload reduction.

In addition to the salary increase, employees with a full-time commitment to the new collective labor agreement will receive a single bonus of 500 euros. Support staff receive an annual allowance of 275 euros. If the members of the unions and the VO Council also agree, the collective labor agreement will apply retroactively from January and will remain in force until May next year.

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