Slimming: 6 methods to lose weight thanks to aesthetic medicine


Cryolipolysis, electrostimulation, radiofrequency, lipocavitation, cryotherapy… Every day, new aesthetic medicine techniques related to slimming and body contouring appear in aesthetic centers and magazines.

Medisite questioned Doctor Caroline Pouget, a dermatologist specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, founder of the Renécia clinic, and her partner Louis Dupagne on this subject. She details the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods to refine your figure.

1 – Cryolipolysis

If you want to redefine your silhouette by getting rid of unsightly fatty deposits in stubborn areas that sport has not been enough to remove, this technique may be for you. Thanks to a technique that destroys fat cells by the action of cold and without surgery, you can get rid of encrusted fat.

Dr. Pouget practices this technique in his institute thanks to a new generation medical cryolipolysis device which includes nine specific applicators for each part of the body. Four applicators can be used simultaneously for the treatment of one or two areas.

“We start by identifying the area of ​​fat before targeting one or more bulges that the machine vacuums and freezes for 30 to 45 minutes“, specifies the specialist.

Fat eliminated within two months

This bead, which has been frozen, will gradually disappear; “the elimination of fat is done within two months through the lymphatic system. As for the risks, Dr Pouget assures that they are very limited “if we have applied a protective wipe between the applicators and the skinthat the degree of aspiration, the temperature, the duration are well regulated and that we work with a quality medical device”.

Then, in fact, it is mainly a question of correctly identifying the indications and placing the applicators and calibrating the machine according to the specific needs of the patient.

The dermatologist and venerologist specifies that the practitioner then adjusts the temperature of the machine which can go down to -12 degrees because “we are not going to lower the temperature in the same way on a thin skin or on a thick skin”.

In practice, cryolipolysis takes place over a single session that lasts between 45 minutes and an hour depending on the areas to be treated. It is possible to do an additional session if necessary, in consultation with the practitioner, two to three months the first session. This technique can be performed on the belly, the wrists of love, the folds under the bra, the inner sides of the thighs, the saddlebags, knees and chin in special cases. For the arms, it is possible if it is not a question of relaxation but of a real fat mass, otherwise it will be necessary to use radio frequency instead.

Cryolipolysis: 20 to 50% fat loss

Cryolipolysis is for people who want to get rid of localized bulges and no to people who are overweight. Indeed, cryolipolysis will only have an impact on the area treated by the applicator(s). Beware, it is necessary to have a stable weight e or to be in the stabilization phase if you want an optimal result.

“In terms of efficiency, it also depends on the hardware; a leading medical device, such as we use, allows a fat loss of 20 to 50% on the treated area in a single session”, specifies Louis Dupagne, co-founder of Renécia.

2 – Lipocavitation

Lipocavitation is an aesthetic medicine technique based on the emission of ultrasound which breaks the walls of adipocytes. In this way, the fat deposits stored under the skin are released and eliminated naturally through the lymphatic pathway. For Dr Pouget, it is a technique rather intended to overcome cellulite.

“It is not the same indication as cryolipolysis. The first is intended to fight against cellulite, while the second will lead to a real reduction in fat”. In reality, lipocavitation uses ultrasound to “break cellulite”.

3 – Radio frequency

The radio frequency is a short wave emission that increases the temperature of the dermis and accelerate lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of fats, and above all to stimulate the production and retraction of fibers to firm the tissues. This technique of aesthetic medicine helps to firm the skin and tissues.

“For certain types of cellulite, it helps since it firms the skin and improves its appearance by reducing the orange peel effect. However, this is not the direct treatment for cellulite. We go especially treat collagen, tighten skin”, explains Dr Pouget to Medisite. This technique is used in particular for cases of sagging skin on the stomach or the inner face of the thighs, for example to firm the skin.

The radio frequency is a short wave emission that increases the temperature of the dermis and to accelerate lipolysis, that is to say the degradation of fats, and, above all, to stimulate the production and retraction of fibers to firm up the tissues. “For certain types of cellulite, it helps since it tightens the skin and improves its appearance by reducing the orange peel effect. However, this is not the direct treatment for cellulite. We will mainly treat the collagen, and firm the skin”, specifies Dr. Pouget with Medisite.

This technique is particularly used for sagging skin on the stomach, for example postpartum, or the inner thighs, the inside of the arms, but also the face. Unlike cryolopilosis, it will be necessary to multiply the sessions. “At Renécia, we recommend a protocol of 6 sessions at the rate of one per week to begin to continue over time with maintenance sessions”, specifies Dr Pouget

4 – Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy consists of inject a cocktail of active ingredients into the tissues via a syringe (draining and disinfiltrating, defibrotic, anti-oily or firming) depending on the type of cellulite. No more than two chemicals and vitamins, trace elements, salts and minerals ad libitum. Five sessions in attack treatment with booster shots spaced out.

“We use it in combination. This will help dislodge fibrous cellulite because it will activate the circulation and dislodge all this fibroid, but it comes combined with a lipocavitation technique or a little radiofrequency. I don’t think it can be effective on its own. It must be used in combination with other aesthetic slimming methods”, she specifies. The dermatologist recommends 6 sessions.

5 – Carboxytherapy

The technique of carboxytherapy has been used for many years to treat arthritis. From CO2 gas is injected subcutaneously to improve vascularizationto cause vasodilation and to reduce the small fatty deposits of cellulite.

“It will be superficial because we will not be able to go very deep, so if we want to be more effective, we will have to use techniques such as radiofrequency or ultrasound”, specifies Dr. Pouget.

6 – Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation makes it possible toincrease muscle contractions during physical exertion through electrodes that send electrical impulses. “It has more a muscular effect for people who need to redensify the abdominals or find a curve in the buttocks”, explains Dr. Pouget.

Slimming: what is the most effective aesthetic medicine method?

For the dermatologist specializing in aesthetic medicine, the most effective method of reducing fatty deposits remains cryolipolysis. “We have had very good results on localized fatty deposits which we cannot manage to lose even with a restrictive diet with a method that avoids trauma”.

In general, the specialist recommends a “combination of methods”. “If there is a localized bulge I will start with cryolipolysis, I will look at the results and possibly supplement with radio frequency to improve efficiency. For the belly, for example, I’m going to do cryolipolysis, radiofrequency and then for the areas that still need to be redensified, I’m going to do small injections of hyaluronic acid”, specifies the expert.

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