Ukraine: Attack on car carrying Bild journalists – Greek photojournalist among them


The correspondents of the German newspaper Bild, among them the Greek photojournalist George Moutafis, were attacked while they were in their car in Eastern Ukraine.

Reporter Paul Rosenheimer and Vadim Moisenko were also in the vehicle.

According to the German newspaper, all three of them are in good health, while one of the windows of the vehicle was shattered by the explosions, which reportedly were several explosions.

According to Bild, the three men were trying to escape from Lisichansk, which was surrounded by Russian forces, when they came under fire in their vehicle.

Lisichansk is adjacent to Severodonetsk, both in the Donbass region, which has been the scene of recent fierce fighting.

Bild emphasizes that at this time it is not clear whether the journalists were the target of the fires.

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