Macron: He called for responsibility and unity in French politics


In a speech to the French people today, French President Emmanuel Macron called on all political forces in the country to clarify whether and to what extent they are willing to take a share of the responsibility for governing the country.

“You elected me in April on the basis of a clear agenda,” said Macron, who, referring to the parliamentary elections, said he could not ignore the significant political differences that emerged, nor the extremely large percentage of abstentions.

Continuing, Macron said that as in many other European countries in France there is no absolute parliamentary majority of one party and therefore a way of political reconciliation should be found.

Emanuel Macron stated that he is ready to expand his party but also to adopt decisions that, as the case may be, will gather a majority in the French National Assembly.

“This does not mean immobility, it means reaching agreements through dialogue,” Macron said.

He referred to the need for transparency in political life, saying that as promised before the presidential election, he would promote a series of decisions related to stimulating the French purchasing power, economy, ecology, security, health, justice, etc. .

“We will propose measures that can be implemented without the imposition of additional taxes, but to achieve this economic reforms are needed,” he said. share of responsibility which indicates that any political party is willing to take on the task of governing France.

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