The “GAIA” of the Athens Medical Center was sold in Iasso for 13 million euros


An important deal in the field of Health took shape, as the Athens Medical Center announced the transfer of all the business activity of the obstetrics – gynecology department “GAIA”, to “IASO SA”.

The total price of the transfer, amounting to a maximum of 13 million euros, is linked to the future financial course of the transferred maternity activity and will be paid in two stages as follows:

  • The first stage concerns the immediate payment of a price of 7.8 million euros.
  • The second stage concerns the payment of an additional price with a time horizon of 3 years. The additional price will be determined based on the future course of the activity.

The transfer of the business activity of “GAIA” in its entirety took place in the context of streamlining the operations of the Medical Athens in Maroussi as both the general clinic and “GAIA” operated at 100% of their capacity without the possibility of further development of their operation due to spatial constraints. These restrictions did not allow the creation of additional beds necessary to meet the ever-increasing demand due mainly to the high quality of medical services.

With the transfer of “GAIA” to “IASO SA” they are released immediately to the general clinic of the Medical Center of Athens in Maroussi and 100 additional general clinic beds as well as 4 additional operating rooms of high standards are put to use.  

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