Tsipras in KO: “Political change and the nightmare end, or nightmare without end” the dilemma of the upcoming elections


The beginning of the SYRIZA-PS election campaign was announced by Alexis Tsipras during his speech at the meeting of his Parliamentary Group, estimating that the Prime Minister will finally “resort” early to the polls, next September.

“The dilemma of the elections before us is simple and clear: Political change and the nightmare end, or the nightmare without end,” he said, stressing that while for the government the upcoming election is an “attempt to escape”, for society it is “Great opportunity for a change of course”.

Al. Tsipras spoke of the “fatal policy of the current government” leading to “social and national tragedy”, as “in the midst of precision, social insecurity and geopolitical instability, it is deteriorating dramatically instead of facing difficulties”.

“And at the same time she advertises herself and her work in terms of almost metaphysical perfection. “The Holy Family of interests that governs us lives the myth of its perfection”, he underlined, commenting that “only authoritarian or even worse regimes produce so much perfection in their propaganda” and added that “it is time for society to put an end to this nightmarish perfection “.

The president of SYRIZA-PS strongly criticized the government for “pre-election compromise” but also for “anti-SYRIZA polarization” as, as he noted, no post-government government “sought to find the reason and cause” of resorting to early elections “in opposition”.

“Even his choice to go to the polls early, that is, even the elections, the pinnacle of democracy, he can not avoid stigmatizing them with his regime toxicity. “Without any democratic reflection, no democratic sensitivity attributes in advance the early recourse to the polls, which he is preparing, to our own opposition discourse”, he noted, emphasizing that “everyone, even his voters understand that Mr. Mitsotakis is moving forward in early elections for one reason only: Because he can no longer bear the weight of his accumulated failures. “

In fact, he did not fail to use the term “damage control”, arguing that with this flight to the polls, and the anti-SYRIZA polarization, the prime minister is trying to escape the responsibility to manage the chaos he has created, to reduce the damage and to avoid the impending collapse “.

Continuing the fierce attack on the Prime Minister, Al. Tsipras said that he uses as a means to achieve his goal “lie, perversion, toxicity” and stressed that “the truth, the reality that we all live, is the most dangerous enemy of Mr. Mitsotakis”.

In this context, he stated that as the official opposition, the truth will be the “flag” in the next election, referring to some “truths” that the government denies.

Among other things, he pointed out that “only in Greece did the government turn the health crisis into an opportunity for robbery of public money” and accused the government of taking advantage of the current double crisis, social and geopolitical, with two goals:

“On the one hand, to hide behind her the huge responsibilities for the sufferings of millions of households in our country, and on the other hand, in the midst of general insecurity, even fear of the worst, to impose her wildest, neoliberal, anti-popular recipe. in terms of status “.

In addition, he interpreted the government’s latest measures to deal with accuracy, as an attempt to cultivate an “opportunistic climate of pre-election and targeted complacency, but at the same time subsidizing scandal in energy and fuel”, recalling that the ND blamed the opposition SYRIZA government for “benefits policy”.

“Consequently, the truth is that Mr. Mitsotakis is consciously looting households and businesses in order to fill the coffers and then come to give targeted pre-election allowances,” he underlined.

Referring to national issues and the geopolitical crisis, he reiterated his criticism of the policy pursued by the Prime Minister, noting that “the doctrine of our foreign policy is changing from a pillar of stability and security in the difficult region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. “turns Greece into an advanced outpost of the West, with the covert mission of heavy weapons to Ukraine”. “An advanced outpost of the West but ultimately unguarded by the West, since despite our involvement in the Ukraine war, despite the indefinite surrender of military installations in the US, we have received no guarantee of security against the Turkish provocation,” he added.

He also referred to the issue of the country ranking in the “108th place of shame” for press freedom, blaming the prime minister for the “unprecedented humiliation of information in government and personal propaganda”. He also referred to the conclusion of the independent Authority that the government coverage in the media reaches 75%, while the coverage of SYRIZA 16%. “Never before has there been such monoculture, such propaganda, such toxicity. “Let them rejoice in this terrible quality of our democracy, which they established”, he commented.

“If for Mr. Mitsotakis the elections are an attempt to escape, for our people it is a great opportunity to get rid of the regime that undermines democracy, erodes the economy, leads the country to tragedy. The dilemma of the elections before us is simple and clear: Political change and the nightmare end, or nightmare without end “, said the leader of the official opposition and repeated the call addressed yesterday to Mr. Mitsotakis” to show in these difficult moments elementary national responsibility and political seriousness “.

In particular, he called on him again to “announce the date of the elections, in September”, “to appoint the current Minister of the Interior, as stipulated in the Constitution”, “to convene a permanent meeting of the National Council for Foreign Policy, so that all the political forces to have full and constant information on the developments in our national issues throughout the pre-election period “and” to immediately set up the competent cross-party committee, as is done in every election, and to impose democratic rules of equal representation of the parties in the media information “.

He described yesterday’s response of Mr. Mitsotakis through his representative to these proposals as a “slanderous delusion” against him and against SYRIZA. “Let them leave the jokes about prolonged instability caused by SYRIZA only because it exists. “They create instability on their own,” he added.

Closing his speech, Al. Tsipras asked the SYRIZA-PS deputies to be ordered to “battle positions” for the upcoming election contest “with determination and faith for victory”.

“The liberation from the Mitsotakis regime and the political change are a necessity of life for the social majority and the country and the only way to achieve it is the clear victory of SYRIZA PS, with a big difference from ND in the elections with simple proportional representation”, he concluded .

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