Giuseppe Conte: “I support Draghi and I do not accept European-oriented courses”


Former Italian Prime Minister and current leader of the Five Stars, Giuseppe Conte, responded today to the statements of Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who last night announced that he had decided to leave the “five stars”.

“We have never questioned our support for Mario Draghi, I do not accept European-oriented lessons from anyone,” Conte told reporters.

“We will continue to promote the values ​​of our movement, we are and remain the first political force in the country in terms of promoting social justice, the common interests of citizens and the ecological transition,” added the former Italian prime minister.

At the same time, Conte stressed that there is no reason why he should leave the leadership of the Five Star Movement.

Luigi Di Maio, meanwhile, is forming a new Senate group, to be called “Together for the Future,” with the prospect of becoming a party.

So far, 51 lawmakers and 11 senators have followed the foreign minister in this new political initiative. Prior to this separatist initiative, the “five stars” in the Italian parliament were represented by 72 senators and 155 deputies.

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