Today the sentences for the eight for the flood in Mandra


The punishment that will be imposed on them regarding the responsibilities assigned to them by the Three-Member Criminal Court for the deadly flood in Mandra in November 2017, is awaited today by the eight guilty defendants.

The three-member Criminal Court is going to announce its decision on the sentences that will be imposed on the eight defendants who, according to the decision, announced last Thursday, were found guilty of, as the case may be, flood offenses, homicide and negligent bodily harm. These are two deputy regional governors, during the time in question, the then mayor of Mandra and five then executives of the Town Planning and the Stream Police Service.

The process will begin today with the proposal of the Prosecutor’s Office on the requests submitted by the eight convicted defendants for the recognition of mitigating circumstances.

After the court decides on the issue of mitigation, the process is expected to end in the afternoon with the announcement of the judges on the sentences that will be imposed and the criminal treatment of each convict.

The court, after a process that has completed two and a half years, acquitted 13 defendants, including the then Attica governor Rena Dourou, considering that the acts attributed to them after many months of public investigation for the causes of the tragedy are not substantiated for them. hit Mandra. On the contrary, for the eight, he considered that they were to blame for the position and competence that each of them had and for their actions and omissions that contributed to the disastrous consequences brought about by the natural phenomenon that “hit” Western Attica.

The case concerns the intense flood phenomenon that hit the area in the early hours of November 15, 2017 after a heavy downpour that had occurred overnight. The deadly course of water that passed through the city of Mandra cost the lives of 25 people while causing huge material damage.

source: ΑΠΕ

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