Twitter: Tests sharing large texts up to 2,500 words


The Twitter announced that it has begun testing the new “Notes” tool that allows users to share large texts up to 2,500 words in size.

The test will run for two months on a small number of users in Canada, the United States, Britain and Ghana, according to the BBC and Reuters, without giving further details on when the new feature will become widely available. So far the platform has a limit of 280 characters in posts (tweets), which is valid from 2017 (before the limit was 140 characters).

The purpose of Notes is to keep users on Twitter and attract young people, enabling them to share the title of a text and a link to access the full text. Users will be able to edit the texts after posting.

Twitter is in the process of acquiring $ 44 billion from Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, according to Forbes magazine. Among other plans, Musk has not ruled out the possibility of adopting a new model of Twitter subscription.

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