Google will pay Wikipedia to display information


Google will pay Wikipedia for the chunks of site text that the search engine places with results, the online encyclopedia reported Wednesday.

Google regularly displays information from the website in a prominent place next to search results, but often does not mention the source. This has annoyed the foundation behind Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation, which has now created a business division.

Google is the first paying customer of the commercial arm of Wikimedia, called Wikimedia Enterprise. Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, its consultation is free and its maintenance is carried out mainly by volunteers. The new agreement with Google does not change this.

Wikipedia currently depends primarily on donations for funding, including from Google. Wikimedia will not disclose the amount of money involved in the new deal.

The organization also signed a new agreement with the non-profit organization The Internet Archive, which uses the Wayback Machine site to save old web pages for research purposes. This site can make free use of the commercial services of Wikipedia.

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