Plevris: Opening of EOPYY to all doctors


“Our commitment to open it is being implemented ΕΟΠΥΥ to all doctors and better salaries with realistic obligations “, points out the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris in his statement on the issue of personal physician.

“The Ministerial Decision was signed that defines the procedure of the contract for the provision of services of the personal doctor. The contract concerns all the private doctors in the first phase of the specialty of general, family medicine and pathology and will be followed by an invitation of EOPYY to all the doctors of these specialties. “The salary per person ranges from 20 to 45 euros and will not be subject to claw back and rebate, as it is untrue, while the working hours of doctors based on the registered population will range from 15 to 35 per week”, he states characteristically.

He adds: “At the same time, EOPYY was instructed to start as a matter of priority the negotiation with the PIS for the conclusion of a collective agreement for doctors of other specialties with the aim of the most universal access of patients to more specialist doctors.”

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