People should clearly notice ACM’s energy tax reduction in their pocketbooks


Energy suppliers must communicate clearly about the reduction in VAT on energy from July 1 and customers must also notice it clearly in their wallets, the ACM said on Thursday. Suppliers are also not allowed to cascade offers with the discount, which currently only applies until the end of this year.

To moderate high energy prices for Dutch households, the government will lower the VAT on gas and electricity from 21% to 9% next month. This reduction will apply until the end of this year, unless the cabinet decides to extend it soon.

ACM wants people to be clear on how vendors calculate this and to be clearly visible in our wallets as well. “A reduction in the monthly amount is a good way to achieve this, but we cannot impose on energy companies how to do it,” a spokesperson told

Previous research by the Consumers Association shows that a number of suppliers are implementing the reduction in monthly amounts, but for the most part the reduction in VAT is only discussed at the time of final settlement.

In addition, the watchdog is asking energy companies not to use the VAT reduction to make so-called stunt deals with a lower price. “If suppliers offer new contracts, they still have to count with 21% VAT, because the reduction only applies for six months. After that, the price goes up and people are usually customers of an energy company for more than six months”, concludes the spokesperson.

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