Kapravelos: New virus or Homicron 5


“The great relaxation of the measures led to a summer wave and now we are in its first phase” said on the show “From Six” Nikos Kapravelos, director of the ICU at the hospital “G. Papanikolaou “commenting on the epidemiological situation of the country which seems to be deteriorating again.

Speaking on ERT’s morning show, the doctor who works in one of the largest hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus stressed that “we have relaxed a lot while there are no checks at the tourist entry points”. Mr. Kapravelos did not fail to comment on the situation that prevails indoors and outdoors, saying that “the masks have been virtually abolished and the vaccination program has been reduced.”

Booster doses protect

Referring to the boosting doses that we will be called to do from September, he pointed out that “the third and fourth doses of vaccines are very late in high-risk citizens”, while at the same time saying that they protect against the serious disease.

“Omicron 5 has special features. This is a new virus. “It also infects those who were infected with Omicron,” he said. Regarding the new scientific developments for the treatment of the virus and its new variants, Mr. Kapravelos stressed that doctors are waiting for the new generation vaccines, which will also treat the Omicron variant: “The goal is not to get seriously ill and not to lose “Our lives are fulfilled with the supportive doses”, he pointed out.

Mr. Kapravelos also stated that “in the hospitals at the moment we do not feel the pressure” explaining that “we do not see severe pneumonia, as was the case with the Delta variant”. And as he said, “the sixth wave started earlier and will put pressure on the health system.”

The sixth wave started earlier

He also referred to the removal of the mask, explaining that it is a big mistake to remove it. “I am afraid that we will pay it seriously, especially in view of the ongoing pandemic and we do not know which strain will prevail in the end. “I think we need to reconsider some measures,” he said

“We are not waiting for the pandemic to erupt to take action. It’s wrong. Pandemic is an extreme health phenomenon. We take measures earlier. “The sixth wave started earlier than Delta, which had started at the end of July, beginning of August,” the ICU director at the Thessaloniki hospital told ERT.

“Omicron 5 is almost a new virus, and again it will affect older people,” said Mr. Kapravelos, stressing that the masks protect against death and should once again become mandatory indoors.

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