Albania: Bulgaria holds two other countries hostage


“Bulgaria, a NATO country, is holding two other NATO countries hostage and that is a shame,” the Albanian prime minister said today. Eddie Rama attending the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Brussels.

“I do not expect good news today,” the Albanian prime minister admitted, recalling that northern Macedonia has been a candidate country for seventeen years and Albania eight. “Welcome Ukraine! “The status of a candidate country is good, but I hope the Ukrainian people do not have illusions.”

He also said that, despite the obstacles that Bulgaria puts in the process of Northern Macedonia and consequently in Albania, the two countries do not change their course. “We are continuing the reforms and building Europe at home,” said Edi Rama.

Northern Macedonia and Albania are waiting for the green light from the EU to start accession negotiations. The process continues to be blocked by Bulgaria, which has sunk into a new political crisis, following the vote of confidence the government lost in yesterday’s vote in Parliament.

source: ΑΠΕ

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