Rescue of an athlete who fainted in the water


American Anita Alvarez, who was competing in the World Athletics Championships, lost consciousness while performing her choreography in the pool.

A terrifying incident occurred yesterday during the final of the free program of solo in artistic swimming, in swimming pool of Budapest.

The American Anita Alvarez competing in the World Aquatics Championships, lost consciousness while choreographing in the pool, so they had to dive into the water to be rescued by her Spanish coach, Andrea Fuentes, and an assistant.

As reported by BBC, the American team stated that “it feels good now” and that this is not the first time something like this happened to the athlete. Last year, Alvarez fainted during the qualifiers. The 25-year-old swimmer is out of danger and her health condition will be evaluated in the coming days to determine the causes of the second fainting episode she had in almost a year.

The Spanish newspaper Brand reported that four-time Olympian and coach Fuentes said she jumped in “because the lifeguards did not”.

Speaking on Spanish radio, he said: “It simply came to our notice then. I said that things were not good, I shouted to the lifeguards to get into the water, but they did not catch what I said or they did not understand, I do not understand “.

“She was not breathing. I went as fast as I could, as if it were an Olympic final “he added.

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