Germany is the first EU country to activate the alarm phase of its gas emergency plan


Germany activated the alarm phase of its gas emergency plan on Thursday for fear of a shortage next winter, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Thursday. The country is allocating 15 billion euros to replenish the gas supply.

A kind of auction is also organized where companies can bid against each other in order to save as much gas as possible at the best possible price. They receive subsidies for this. A similar measure was introduced in our country earlier this week. A clause allowing companies to immediately pass on cost increases to consumers has not yet been activated.

In recent months, Russia has been busy cutting off gas supplies to Western countries. Gas taps have been completely closed in five countries, including the Netherlands, and seven other countries are receiving less gas, EU Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans reported on Thursday.

Ten countries, including the Netherlands, have activated the first of three phases of the gas emergency plan in recent weeks. In our country, this means that companies must report their gas supplies and stocks on a daily basis. If they become too low, the second phase is activated. The government is also leading a campaign to encourage households to consume less gas.

All EU member states are required to have a plan for what they will do if the gas supply stops. It starts with warning campaigns. In extreme cases, businesses or entire areas are cut off from gas.

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