Because of all the hassle, many people choose to go on vacation back to their own country.


Flights that may not take place, a crown that resurfaces and a caravan, boat or motorhome bought not so long ago “in front of the door”. All the ingredients are there to spend the holidays again in your own country. The summer of 2022 could be considered the best year ever for tourism in the Netherlands.

That’s what HISWA-RECRON, the trade association for campsites, holiday parks and boat enthusiasts in the Netherlands, says based on what has already been booked. “People go for safety,” says director Geert Dijks of the trade association. “There are also problems at airports in other European countries, so we can take advantage of that.”

Based on bookings made so far at campsites, parks and marinas, HISWA-RECRON believes this summer will be even better than 2019. “It was the peak year so far, but it will now be over if there aren’t completely crazy things that don’t happen anymore.”, with almost twenty thousand holiday homes, around a third of which are in the Netherlands, is seeing the number of last-minute bookings take off. “Many are now booked for holidays within six weeks, especially for a stay in the Netherlands,” says Dick Vulto of the platform.

People choose eggs for their money

“People have waited and are now choosing eggs for their money, it seems. They don’t want to queue at Schiphol. Holidays in their own country have become popular during the pandemic and a lot of people have liked that too “, explains Vulto.

Dijks from HISWA-RECRON points out that the sale of motorhomes, caravans and boats also broke all records during the corona crisis. “It was the case all over Europe and anyone who has a caravan, motorhome or boat will use it.” Dijks therefore expects many holidaymakers from neighboring countries to be able to find the Netherlands this summer.

“The number of Germans who have booked a house in the Netherlands has quadrupled,” says Vulto of This in itself is not a great achievement. “Because,” Vulto explains, “they were very reluctant to cross the border, it was completely on his ass last year.”

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