The digital card of the civil servant was presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the IS


The digital card of the civil servant, a specialized software system that will record all the functions of human resources in the State, is implemented by the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with the Information Society (IS).

The Human Resources Management System (HMRS), as its full name is, was presented by the Minister of Interior, Makis Voridis, and the President of the IS, Dimitris Askounis.

HRMS will integrate the information contained in the Register of Human Resources (, the Digital Organization Charts of each ministry and public body and the position outlines. There will be information useful for recruitment planning, mobility and the integration of new recruits, as it will be immediate to record and control staffing needs. The new system will also include information about each employee, such as his studies, time of arrival and departure from his service, his absences, leave, evaluation and the moral rewards he may have received.

It will also monitor the promotions and placements of supervisors, while it will be linked to targeting and evaluation and will monitor disciplinary proceedings.

Each employee will have access to their individual card. At the same time, all information, laws, regulations and documents related to the management of the human resources of the public administration will be accessible to the citizens.

As Mr. Voridis mentioned, in the past there have been three unsuccessful attempts to implement this project (the years 1997, 2004, 2014), while it was activated in 2019 with the conclusion of a program agreement with the IS for the joint organization, planning and monitoring of the project. . Mr. Askounis said that the first phase has been completed, which includes the maturation of the project, the preparation of the technical specifications, the implementation of the tender procedure, the selection of the contractor and the signing of the contract.

According to the schedule, the project should be delivered by the contractor in 36 months, while the first functions of the system will be ready for use in 18 months.

HRMS is expected to be interconnected with other systems, related to human resource management (ASEP, EKDDA, National Printing Office, e-DAVK of the Pension Service, Single Payment Authority, PS ERGANI, Transparency, GIS, etc.), resulting in the Ministry of Interior to obtain a complete picture for the management of the staff of the State, while today this picture is fragmentary.

The CEO of IS, Stavros Asthenidis in a written statement stressed that “the Human Resources Management System of Public Administration is one of the most important reform cuts in the operation of the Public Sector. “This project has a prominent place in the digital agenda of the government and its implementation will contribute in the most emphatic way to the wider national effort for digital transformation of the public administration, which is in full swing”.

The project budget is 10 million euros (plus VAT 24%) and is implemented with NSRF resources.

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