Turkey: Gulen’s niece arrested on border with Greece


The Turkish National Army issued a statement about the arrest.

At the Greek-Turkish border in Evros Imam Fethullah’s niece was arrested Gulen along with 9 other people, according to Turkish authorities. In fact, according to the Turkish media, 10 people were trying to cross into Greece illegally, including Sümeyye Gülen.

According to YeniSafak, “10 people trying to cross into Greece illegally were arrested by troops at the border.” “The investigation revealed that five of those arrested were members of the terrorist organization FETO and one of them was Sümeyye Gülen, a niece of Fethullah Gülen.”

The Turkish National Army also issued a statement on Twitter.

Who is Gulen, the imam that Erdogan hates and fears?

Gulen may have lived in isolation in a small US town for years, but the Turkish president sees this sworn enemy of him as the real culprit in the coup attempt that rocked Turkey.

When Erdogan arrived at Istanbul airport, he accused the imam and his movement of being behind the failed coup attempt to overthrow him. A little while later, Gulen denies it, but Erdogan insists and somehow a new circle opens that in the coming days will occupy all the current affairs on the issue of Turkey.

Gulen, 75, a Muslim preacher, has lived in isolation since 1999 in Pocono, a mountainous and wooded area of ​​Pennsylvania in the northeastern United States. He is the leader of a powerful movement in Turkey, which has a huge network of schools in his homeland, but also around the world, non-governmental organizations and businesses called Hizmet (Service in Turkish) and has great influence in the media, police and the judiciary.

Erdogan blames Gulen directly today, but the two men were strong allies before 2013. The alliance was shattered after corruption investigations in Turkey in 2013 as the president accused Gulen of being behind the investigations and his name at the moment. is high on the Turkish list of terrorists.

Although Erdogan had taken advantage of Gulen’s network to consolidate his power, he is now considered “the number one enemy of the people.” Since 2013, Erdogan has accused the imam of establishing a “parallel state” with the aim of overthrowing him, something the “Gulenists” deny.

Source: skai.gr

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