Imprisonment for more than 6 years for the flood in Mandra


The three-member misdemeanor court imposed heavy prison sentences that led to the multi-year sentences of the eight convicts for the catastrophic flood in Mandra in November 2017, which cost 25 lives.

The court imposed total sentences of more than six years, redeemable at 7 euros per day.

Specifically, the court imposed a total sentence of 5 years and 19 months on 3 defendants, including a then deputy governor. Also a sentence of 5 years and 14 months to four other defendants, including the other former vice-governor who was found guilty, and a sentence of 4 years and 22 months to the former mayor of Mandra. Apart from the local authorities, the rest of the convicts were during the time in question executives of the Town Planning, the Egaleo Forest Service and the services of the Region.

All the convicts were given a suspensive effect on the appeal.

Earlier, the court, accepting the prosecutor’s proposal, recognized to all the accused only the mitigation of the legal life while it rejected all the rest that were requested.

“It turned out that they lived a lawful life and were generally honest in their social and professional lives,” the prosecutor said of the convicts.

On the sentences, the prosecutor requested a sentence of 16 months to 2 years for the charge of flood, 3 years for each homicide and 6 months for bodily injuries.

The defendants are charged with 11 bodily injuries. Also according to the decision, based on the responsibilities and duties that each had, others were found guilty of 18 homicides and others of the total of 25 deaths left behind by the flood that occurred in Mandra in the early hours of November 15, 2017.


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