From now on, civil servants will receive at least 2,016 euros per month


The minimum wage for civil servants will increase to 2,016 euros gross per month. In addition, salaries will increase in three stages over the next two years, there will be a structural salary increase of 75 euros per month and a one-off payment of 900 euros gross. This is stated in the agreements that the central government has reached with the unions, the Interior Ministry reported on Thursday.

Salaries for civil servants will increase by 2.5% from July 1 and the new minimum wage will apply from then on. On December 1, civil servants will receive a one-time payment of 450 euros. In April next year, salaries will increase by another 3% and they will receive an additional 450 euros. A salary increase of 1.5% will follow on January 1, 2024.

With the other measures, the salaries of the lowest people could increase by up to 20%. This concerns, for example, cleaning ladies employed by the government. For middle earners, the salary increase is around 9%. The highest earners have to make do with almost 8% more.

Agreements have also been reached on holidays, working hours and the establishment of the home workplace. With the latter, the five-year budget of 750 euros can also be used to make the house more sustainable, whether you work from home or not. Social security is also an important aspect of the collective labor agreement. Each department will have an independent integrity committee. In addition, the functions of the person of trust will be extended.

Officials have until July 7 to vote on the negotiated outcome. The collective labor agreement applies to 130,000 civil servants and will apply from April 1 this year until June 30, 2024.

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