EU: Nine countries, along with Ukraine and Moldova, will now wait at the door of the Union


Which countries are at the “gate” of the EU, who supports them

Waiting for years at the doors of the European Union, the leaders of the candidate countries of the Western Balkans do not hide their sadness for the forthcoming granting of this status to Ukraine and Moldova.

Pointing out the fact that Northern Macedonia has been waiting at the gate for 17 years and Albania for 8 years, the Albanian Prime Minister warned Kyiv not to have illusions, as the process will be very long.

The European Union is making a “geopolitical choice” by granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova and will seek to breathe new life into the accession process of the Western Balkans, European Council President Charles Michel said at the start of its work. European Summit in Brussels.

Germany is the strongest supporter of the Western Balkans. “Their citizens have been waiting for 20 years for the opportunity to join the European Union. “It’s very important that this promise be made credible,” said German Chancellor Olaf Solz.

But Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who is in Brussels with his Western Balkan counterparts, has said he expects nothing from the summit.

Northern Macedonia has been a candidate since 2005, Montenegro since 2010, Serbia since 2012 and Albania since 2014. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, which is not recognized by five EU member states, have not are still “potentially” candidate countries.

Charles Michel wants to breathe new life into the process. But the entanglements are serious.

Bulgaria vetoes accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia for historical and cultural reasons. Respectively, Sofia is blocking the negotiations with Albania, whose candidacy is linked to the candidacy of Northern Macedonia. And the fall of Kirill Petkov’s government, which was ousted last night with a motion of censure, does not help resolve the issue.

The difference between Serbia and Kosovo, in turn, blocks Belgrade’s aspirations. Aleksandar Vuτςiτς is adamant: there is no question of recognizing Kosovo. He denounced the member states’ refusal to recognize Serbia’s territorial integrity, which Kosovo considers part of Serbian territory, while, like Serbia, they are defending Ukraine’s territorial integrity vis-.-Vis Russia.

Kosovo President Viosa Osmani-Santriou has warned the European Union not to leave room for the influence of “other actors” because “it is obvious that they will take advantage of it”.

Russia, China, Turkey and the Gulf states are increasingly influencing the countries of the Western Balkans, whose European expectations are being dashed by Brussels’ procrastination.

Visa liberalization for Kosovo, secession of the candidacies of Albania and Northern Macedonia and granting candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the same terms as for Ukraine and Moldova are some of the issues to be discussed. summit, according to a diplomatic source.

“The choice of granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova is a very strong political move, but the conditions for the start of negotiations are demanding and the decision requires unanimity,” a member state spokesman said.

European Union leaders will discuss a proposal to create a “European Political Community” presented by French President Emanuel Macron and backed by Charles Michel to allow candidates for European integration to prepare. There will now be a total of nine candidate countries, along with Ukraine and Moldova. Because Turkey has been waiting at the door for 23 years.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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