DW: Doctors who returned to Greece and doctors who stayed in Germany


Doctors who left a career and money in Germany and returned to Greece. But also doctors who insisted on their decision to stay in Germany. Thoughts, motivations, perspectives.

About two months ago one was introduced team of Greek doctors who lived and worked in Germany with the name Hellenic-German Association of Doctors and Dentists. It is expected to be officially launched in a short time. Its goal is to professionally unite Greek doctors and dentists who were in Germany and returned or who are thinking of returning to Greece.

The Chairman of the Board is the general surgeon Mr. Konstantinos Kokkalis. At the same time, however, there are many other doctors who remain. It is estimated that about 5,000 Greek doctors currently live and work in Germany. Wanting to present both sides, we also spoke with Mr. Faidonas Katinakis, vice president of the Association of Greek Doctors Genesis. Besides, the two groups know and cooperate.

Source: DW

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