The Greek vineyard was reduced in 2021


Maybe the new plantings to reach the 6,300 acres per yearhowever the Greek vineyard presents a relative reduction. The area of ​​the Greek vineyard amounts to 636,965 acres, according to the census data per region, which was recently sent to the Commission, the Department of Wine and Alcoholic Beverages of the Ministry of Regional Development.

The increase of 0.28%, ie by 1,759 acres compared to 2020 (which was 635,205 acres), is less than the number of acres issued as new ‘Planting Permits per year, at a rate of 1%, which corresponds to about 6,300 acres per year.

The annual increase of the Greek vineyard in an area of ​​less than 6,300 acres per year (area related to the new Planting Permits), means that areas are abandoned, approximately equal to the difference of the increase of the Greek vineyard per year (excluding the areas granted as new Planting Permits).

Therefore, while the Greek vineyard should on July 31, 2021 inventory areas increased by about 6,300 acres, so it should amount to 641,500 acres, it records an increase of only 1,759 acres, ie there is (and in the midst of a pandemic) a decrease of about 4,500 acres , between 2020 and 2021.

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