Britain: Nigerians organized a child trip to remove organs


Authorities mobilized over the alleged plot by the two Nigerians, following reports of possible offenses under modern slavery law

Authorities have charged two Nigeriansa man and a woman, who are suspected of conspiracy to transport a child to Britain to have his organs removed, London police announced today.

Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “

At 55 years old Beatrice Nuaneka Equeremandou and the 60-year-old It was Ekueremantou Allegations of conspiracy to organize another man’s trip to Britain have been made in order to exploit him, in particular to remove organs.

These will be presented at Oxbridge court in London later today.

A child has been placed in custody and action is being taken to provide him with additional support, police added, without elaborating further on the child’s gender or age.


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