Mitsotakis in EPP: The candidacy for country joins sends the right message to Ukraine and Moldova


“I am very pleased that the European Council will decide to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova. “I believe it is a very important decision that also takes into account the important geopolitical developments of recent months,” said Kyriakos. Mitsotakis attending the EPP session.

“Greece was in favor of this decision and we are very pleased that we managed to reach a unanimous decision at Council level. This will be the first item on our agenda. Announcements will be made soon. “I believe that the right message is being sent to Ukraine and Moldova,” he added.

He noted: “Of course, this is a long way to go. There are several conditions. Everyone knows that in order to join the European family, one must take “ownership” of the reform process. “Given the circumstances created by Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, I believe it was clearly the right decision and the right message to send to the Ukrainian people.”


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