Millions of dollars for the Floriade due to disappointing attendance


The Floriade horticultural exhibition in Almere attracts far fewer visitors than expected. Partly because of this, the event will cost the municipality of Almere 34 million euros more than expected. The municipality and Floriade BV announced this on Thursday, reports Broadcast Flevoland

La Floriade has welcomed 232,500 visitors since it opened on April 14. This is only a third of the number the organization had hoped for after two months. As a result, the original target of a total of two million visitors is no longer achievable, says Floriade BV. The target has now been reduced to 1.2 million. The event ends on October 9.

Research shows that fewer people come because they find the price of admission too high. This is an objection, especially in this period of high inflation. Additionally, the pandemic has caused people to go out for a day trip less often. Another factor is that the exhibition was not completely finished right after opening, so many potential visitors did not come.

The costs are also higher because the event had to be adjusted due to the corona pandemic. All this means that the costs are 33.8 million euros higher than expected. In addition to the already estimated expenses of 41.5 million euros, this leads to a total cost item of around 75 million euros for Almere.

The municipality is still in consultation with the province and the central government to find out if they want to contribute to the additional expenses. But according to the local broadcaster, they have already said they have no intention of doing so.

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