These women proudly assume their white hair


Assuming white hair is not always an easy task, especially when you are a woman. Surprisingly, if the “pepper and salt” effect is rather appreciated in men, even advantageous in terms of seduction, for women, it’s a whole different story. ! And for good reason, a woman with white hair has long been perceived as neglected or even worse.

In this society where prejudices about appearance are tenacious, stopping coloring is therefore almost a political act. But for some women, it becomes, or has always been, obvious.

Véronique’s white hair began to appear around the age of 40. The northerner was already coloring in her youth. It is therefore quite naturally that she continued to do it, but more and more in order to hide her gray locks. Twenty years later, it’s over, she decided to stop everything to wear her hair natural.

“My last color, I did it for my daughter’s wedding in the spring of 2019. My son’s wedding was scheduled the following year, I wanted to let my hair grow, and I was waiting to redo my color … Finally this little iridescent and highlighted mixture, I got used to it and my loved ones too apparently! So I decided not to do color for the occasion and I haven’t done it since. I feel good, I assume without complex, especially since I have never been very comfortable with these chemical active ingredients. My hair is less damaged than before and silkier. I don’t know if mentalities have changed, vis-à-vis women with gray hair, it’s also a question of fashion… But the woman assumes better and better and returns to the natural.”

Colette and Nicole will be 73 next July. They are twin sisters and both have never wanted to color.

To avoid damaging my hair I preferred not to use chemicals. In addition, coloring requires regular and expensive care,” says Colette, who has had white hair for a good ten years. For Nicole it’s another story, she started to see her hair whitening around 40, but she liked it. “It was well balanced. I have often been asked if I was doing a streak,” she says. The septuagenarian admits having tried coloring once, but “she completely turned in the sun in the summer, and I said to myself never again!”

“There are enough beautiful haircuts to keep her charm naturally”

The two sisters claim to have never heard a reflection on their choice. “I guess society has become aware that life goes on and that aging is not a fault in itself,” says Colette. According to Nicole, it’s all a matter of taste: “I am against the fact of “cheating” on his physique and on his age. You have to organize yourself to age well. I find long white or graying hair to be inelegant and aging, but there are enough beautiful short or relatively short haircuts to
keep its charm naturally.”

Florence stopped coloring at the age of 50 when she had already been doing it for twenty years to hide her white hair. Eight years later, she is still convinced she made the right decision.

“We want to be in a mold so as not to be noticed”

“I stopped coloring to regain my natural color and because I can’t stand chemicals.” Today, the mother of the family feels better and believes that “it’s normal to get old”. According to her, the gaze of others is not the problem, it is rather that which one carries to oneself. “We want to be in a mold so as not to be noticed… But the day I decided to keep my hair white, no one commented on me.”

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