Vegan, vegetarian diets: 6 diseases against which they protect you


One in five deathsin the world, is caused by poor diet. This is the result of a study published on April 3, 2019 in the journal The Lancet. However, the promotion of better consumption habits remains very limited. Just look at the plethora of choices in supermarkets, or the number of advertisements for sweets, ready meals, sodas and other ultra-processed products. Adorned (the height of irony) with a tiny banner reminding us that “for our health, we must not eat too fat, too sweet, too salty”. The medical world, and even society as a whole make us feel guilty, but don’t teach us to make the right choices.

Doctors, insufficiently trained in nutrition

This is precisely what an article published on May 26, 2022 by three scientists, in theAmerican Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. “The field of medicine, despite its predominant influence in society, has little invested in promoting healthy lifestyle choices. The consequence is reflected in our statistics on the chronic diseases, still on the rise, and in particular the rates of obesity and diabetes”, write the experts. “This is particularly unfortunate given that overwhelming evidence confirms that most non-communicable diseases can be avoided by changing our diet”.

According to Dr Saray Stancić, Josh Cullimore and Neal Barnard, the authors of the article, the fault lies with medical school curricula, which have large gaps in nutrition education. “In a recent survey of 600 cardiologists, 90% of them said they had not received the necessary nutritional education during their training,” write the researchers.

Vegetarianism: the benefits of a plant-based diet

They recognize, of course, that not all doctors have to be nutrition experts, but they should at least have the basics down. And, in particular, have a rudimentary knowledge of benefits of a plant-based diet (such as the vegan diet or the vegetarian diet), for which they provide detailed scientific evidence.

Indeed, a vegetable diet would reduce the risk of many fatal diseases, such as six that we present to you below. Largely attributable to our modern consumption patterns, these pathologies are less likely to occur in vegetarians or vegans.

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