Joie de vivre: 10 ways to rediscover your inner child this summer


Summer is an opportunity to recharge your batteries and store up as much positive energy as possible to continue the year in great shape. And to achieve this, what better than to fall back into childhood? The writing gives you some ideas to achieve this…

With Jacques Brel, Dalida, Michel Jonasz, Françoise Hardy… French song is full of music that celebrates childhood. And if, for one summer, you tried to rediscover this carelessness ? That is both good for morale and health ! Indeed, there is now plenty of scientific evidence that people who feel younger than their chronological age are generally healthier than others. A new study shows on this subject that the elderly recover faster from a fracture or stroke (stroke) when they feel younger than they really are.

Strokes, fractures: feeling young helps you get healthy faster

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Israel followed 194 patients aged 73 to 84. All were undergoing rehabilitation following osteoporotic fractures or a stroke, two frequent events that lead to a loss of autonomy in the elderly. Scientists asked them about their subjective age (how young they felt), their feelings and experiences. Their functional independence was assessed by the nursing staff on admission and then on discharge.

“The effect of subjective age at admission on functional independence at discharge was confirmed,” said Professor Amit Shrira of the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences’ Gerontology Program, who led the study with Professor Ehud Bodner. “However, the opposite effect – that of functional independence at admission on subjective age at discharge – has not been confirmed. This supports the finding that a younger age identity is an important psychological construct that contributes to more successful rehabilitation.

Scientists have shown that subjective age was the strongest predictor of rehabilitation outcomesboth stronger than the patients’ chronological age and their chronic health conditions.

So to stay young as long as possible, make room for ideas to fall back into childhood this summer!

Take advantage of hot summer nights to observe the stars and dream of distant worlds… Can you find the Big Dipper?

Campfire, barbecue… How about ending your meal by roasting marshmallows on a spit? Guaranteed effect!

Put books and magazines down and start building a sandcastle.

Take advantage of a walk in a park to enjoy a fruit and water ice cream stick, just like in your memories.

Outdoor cinema is always a special experience, with a festive, friendly and relaxed atmosphere! If you don’t have a session around the house, you can always organize one in your garden, provided you have a projector. And most importantly, don’t forget the popcorn.

Hot weather is the excuse for a water fight, like in the old days! On the other hand, it is better to go to the edge of the sea or a river to avoid wasting the drinking water of the house.

Make yourself comfortable in a park and take advantage of the flowers around you to make jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, flower crowns…

Dodgeball, little football, tomato game… Take a morning to play your childhood games.

No need to go far, you can set up a tent in the garden to spend a night under the stars and wake up to the first rays of sunshine.

Practical, you can take it everywhere, to the park or to the beach.


Daphna Magda Kalir et al, Feeling Younger, Rehabilitating Better: Reciprocal and Mediating Effects between Subjective Age and Functional Independence in Osteoporotic Fracture and Stroke Patients, Gerontology (2022).

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