Mitsotakis at the European Council: Athens is covered by the draft conclusions for Turkey


“Today’s European Council has a special significance, as we will unanimously confirm its administration candidate status country in Ukraine and Moldova. “It is a very important political decision, which the EU is taking in response to Russia’s overt invasion of Ukraine,” Kyriakos said. Mitsotakis attending the EU leaders’ summit.

“Ukraine has the right to claim membership in the European family and the decision to grant it candidate status sends a clear message from the EU, not only to support Ukraine in this difficult time, but to open another door. “The Ukrainian people can now claim membership in a united Europe,” he added.

“We will also have the opportunity to discuss a number of other issues of geopolitical interest, to brief the European Council on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. Athens is fully covered by the draft conclusions, which clearly urges Turkey to stop to challenge the sovereignty but also the territorial integrity of EU countries and return to a process of de-escalation with full respect for international law, and I really hope that Turkey will listen to these urgings this time because only in this way can “The tension that has been created in the Eastern Mediterranean in the last two months with the sole fault of the neighboring country”, continued Mr. Mitsotakis.

“Beyond that, we will have the opportunity tomorrow at the Euro summit to discuss developments on the economic front. European economies are facing the spectrum of precision and inflation. The possibilities for budgets to deal with this crisis are finite. In our country, we have already launched a very important national program to support households and businesses, which is manifesting itself in many different directions. “energy-efficient air conditioners,” the prime minister said.

He added: “All this in conjunction with the tax reduction policy launched by this government, provides a framework to support households and businesses in the face of the stagnation of disposable income. But because this is a problem. European Union, because the root cause of this problem lies in the extremely high gas prices that entail and electricity prices, I will reiterate with the Italian Prime Minister the urgent call for bold initiatives at European level such as the imposition of a ceiling on wholesale price of natural gas.

This is an issue that we have been discussing for a long time, unfortunately so far there has not been the necessary mobility, I want to hope that now all the members of the European Council recognize the need for a European response, which can support national budgets so that to reduce as far as possible the negative effects of precision on our households and our businesses “.


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