Plakiotakis: News is expected for the 7-year exclusion of Greek coastal shipping from the EU Pollutant Trading System


Votedby a large majority, from its plenary Parliament the bill of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy entitled “Code Ratification Legislation maritime cabotage In particular, ND, SYRIZA and the Movement for Change voted “yes”, KKE and MERA25 voted “no”, while the Hellenic Solution declared “present”.

During his speech, the present Minister of Shipping & Island Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, expressed his belief that “soon I will be able to announce good news”, about the exclusion of Greek coastal shipping from the EU’s Pollutant Trading System, the so-called “for seven years, from 2024 to 2031, so that the necessary energy transition does not affect the level of transport service of the islands, but mainly does not affect the cost of the ticket”.

Referring to the request of the parliamentary representative of ND, Giannis Vroutsis for the ferry connection Piso Livadi Paros – Chora Naxos, which will serve the kidney patients of Paros and Antiparos, he said that it will be introduced in the next Council of Shipping Associations, which is Monday, June 27 and will provide the route of a passenger ship, with five itineraries per week and for the whole year, from Piso Livadi of Paros (to Naxos) “.

Moreover, responding to the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA Nectarios Santorinios who said that it is not possible to issue a ticket for the route Kaso-Karpathia from July 9 onwards, because the relevant contracts have not been signed, Mr. Plakiotakis said that “until 11 In July, there is a plan of approved itineraries for Kassos-Karpathos “, while he added the following: The decision of the CoC for the tender of the specific line to Karpathos and Kassos came to the Ministry on May 20, 2022. It was immediately sent to the Court of Auditors for pre-contractual audit. The decision of the Court of Auditors reached the Ministry three days ago. We have already informed the contractor and at the beginning of next week the contract will be signed, if the necessary supporting documents are presented. The regulation of YOURS will pass in July “.

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