The file of the Security for the deaths of Malena and Iris in the Prosecutor’s Office


In their hands Prosecutors is now the material collected by Security for deaths of Two younger girls of the family Δασκαλάκη from Patras and the data are already being evaluated in Prosecution.

The dossier, which is being studied by the Prosecutors of the Court of First Instance, Antonis Eleftherianos and Apostolos Andreou, who are supervising the investigation into the causes of death of Georgina’s younger brothers, contains the conclusion of the medical examiners who evaluated all the findings of the two girls. in the context of the research carried out on Malena and Iris.

The transfer of information about 3.5-year-old Malena, the first child lost by the family and the six-month-old Iris, now triggers legal developments that are expected early next week.

The Prosecutors of the Court of First Instance, Antonis Eleftherianos and Apostolos Andreou, who ordered the urgent investigation into the causes of death of the two children last April, shortly after the pre-trial detention of 34-year-old Roula Pispirigou for the death of 9-year-old Georgina or persons for whom there is evidence of a criminal offense.

The two prosecutors are studying with special care the conclusion signed by the head of the Athens Forensic Medicine Service Nikos Karakoukis and his most experienced colleague Nikos Kalogrias, who refer to a violent death mechanism that was triggered by suffocation. However, they are examining word for word and the pile of testimonies received by the police, as the allegations made by the persons involved shed light on critical aspects of the case.

The remarks of the two Prosecutors, the points that will focus and emphasize will be the ones that will determine their next moves for one or more persons who are probably now in the frame of responsibilities for Malena, who died in July 2019 and Iris who died in March 2021 in the room he slept with Georgina.

On Monday or Tuesday, it is expected that the two Prosecutors will be able to place an order for the taking of a testimony of one or more persons, for which there are indications of criminal acts with a more probable scenario that the first summons will be addressed to the pre-trial murder of R Pispirigou.

The 34-year-old mother of three children, as estimated, will be called for explanations as a suspect of committing very serious crimes against her two youngest daughters. She denies any involvement in the two deaths, as she denies the charge of killing 9-year-old Georgina.

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