Northern Macedonia: Macron proposal for solution with Bulgaria unacceptable


Skopje prime minister sets terms for acceptable proposal leading to talks

“The proposal of the French presidency is unacceptable in this version of it for the Republic of Northern Macedonia,” the Skopje prime minister stressed on Thursday. Dimitar Kovachevsky at a press conference following the Western Balkans-European Union summit in Brussels.

Kovacevski set the conditions for an acceptable proposal that would lead to the start of negotiations, ie a clear wording for the “Macedonian language” in the Negotiating Framework, that historical issues should not be criteria and that EU accession talks would should start before the change of the Constitution to include Bulgarians, Croats and Montenegrins in the preamble.

“Bulgaria, a NATO country, is holding two other NATO countries hostage and that is a shame,” the Albanian prime minister said on Thursday. Eddie Rama attending the EU-Western Balkans Summit.

“I do not expect good news today,” the Albanian prime minister admitted, recalling that northern Macedonia has been a candidate country for seventeen years and Albania eight.


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