The decision to open Lelystad airport could be postponed again


Cabinet plans to postpone decision on opening Lelystad Airport to passenger flights until 2024, insiders confirm after reporting by RTL News† Earlier, the cabinet announced that it would make a decision this year.

The sources did not say why the cabinet might delay the decision.

It is clear that Lelystad Airport is having problems with applying for a nature permit. A request was rejected because the airport’s nitrogen calculations were incorrect. The subject will be debated in the Council of Ministers on Friday.

It therefore plans to limit the annual number of flights departing from Schiphol. This airport is now allowed to operate 500,000 flights a year, but last week it became clear that this number needed to be reduced from 50,000 to 60,000.

Schiphol declined to comment on Thursday. According to a spokesperson, the airport will provide a response on Friday afternoon after the Council of Ministers, as the official decision is expected to be announced then.

Apart from that, Schiphol is struggling with a severe staff shortage. As a result, various airlines have to adjust their flight schedules for this summer.

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