KLM cancels a limited number of flights, easyJet spares holidaymakers


KLM will cancel a limited number of flights this summer. Travelers whose flight will not take place will be offered an “acceptable alternative”, the airline reported on Thursday. Because Schiphol has set a maximum number of travelers per day, all airlines must act this summer. British low-cost carrier easyJet will also cancel a number of flights next month, but on its own terms it is largely sparing holidaymakers.

KLM says people whose flights need to be canceled can still fly on the same day or as close to that date as possible. “Travelers affected by this will be personally informed as soon as possible.”

The company will also sell fewer tickets for the summer period. This should also help meet airport requirements.

KLM cannot say how many flights will be canceled, when exactly or to which destinations.

During the May holidays, Schiphol faced major staff shortages in security and elsewhere at the airport. These problems will continue through the summer. In order to avoid dangerous situations, the number of travelers will be greatly reduced.

KLM affirms once again that limiting the number of travelers cannot be a structural solution to the problems.

About nine thousand Transavia travelers collect money

Corendon had previously announced that he would move a large part of the flights to Rotterdam airport. Vacation trips where you travel with your own plane can therefore continue. The same goes for TUI.

Sunweb, which primarily uses Transavia planes, is also offshoring flights. Travelers then depart from another airport or on another day.

Transavia announced on Wednesday that it would cancel a few hundred flights until mid-August. A large part of the affected customers can rebook the trip. No alternative has been found for about nine thousand people, they will get their money back.

EasyJet continues flights to Southern Europe

Later in the day, easyJet announced that it would also be canceling a number of flights. According to the British budget fighter, flights to popular holiday destinations such as Croatia, Greece, Spain and Portugal will be saved.

The airline will mainly cancel on routes where easyJet operates multiple flights a day. Flights to London, a popular destination for business travellers, are cancelled.

It is unclear exactly how many canceled flights are involved and how many travelers are affected. However, a spokesperson points out that the majority of affected customers (around 70%) are re-booked on another flight within 24 hours of their original departure time. Others can request a refund or rebook for free at a later date.

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