Malnourished children, earthquake in Afghanistan, Ukraine… Thursday’s news


Eight million children could starve if they don’t get urgent help, UNICEF warns G7 leaders

Nearly eight million children under the age of five in 15 countries affected by the hunger crisis are at risk of dying from severe wasting unless they receive immediate food and therapeutic care, and the number is rising by the minute, UNICEF warned today. preparations for the meeting of world leaders at the G7 summit.

Since the beginning of the year, the growing global food crisis has caused an additional 260,000 children, or one child every 60 seconds, to suffer from severe wasting – when children are too thin for their height – which is the most visible and deadly form of malnutrition. .

“Food aid is essential, but we cannot save hungry children with sacks of wheat. We need to reach these children right now with therapeutic treatmentbefore it’s too late,” said the agency’s executive director, Catherine Russell.

In response, UNICEF is expanding its operations in the 15 most affected countries (Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Yemen). ) to try to prevent an explosion of infant deaths.

UN agencies continue to bring aid to those affected by the earthquake in Afghanistan

To date, an estimated 770 people have been killed and at least 1,455 others injured, many seriously.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said 90% of search and rescue operations had been completed. However, additional evaluations are being carried out to verify this data, so the number of victims could increase.

The World Health Organization has sent ten tons of medical supplies, enough for 5,400 surgeries, and medical treatments that cover 36,000 people for three months. The Refugee Agency also delivered tents, blankets, plastic sheets and kitchen sets, among other items, for 600 families, but a thousand more stores are needed.

The World Food Program is sending 18 trucks with emergency supplies, including high-energy cookies and mobile storage units. The Program plans to provide food to about 3,000 households initially.

The war in Ukraine has damaged 152 cultural places

In Ukraine, 152 cultural sites have been partially or totally destroyed as a result of the fighting, according to the latest UNESCO assessment.

Among them, there are 70 religious buildings, 30 historical buildings, 18 cultural centers, 15 monuments, twelve museums and seven libraries.

“Cultural heritage, in all its forms, should not be targeted under any circumstances,” said Audray Azulay, the director of UNESCO.

Three regions concentrate three quarters of the damaged places: Donetsk, where the fighting continues to be particularly intense (45 damaged places); Kharkiv (40); and Kyiv (26).

Bachelet asks to investigate the killing of civilians in western Ethiopia

The High Commissioner for Human Rights on Thursday urged Ethiopian authorities to investigate attacks that killed hundreds of people in the West Wollega area of ​​western Ethiopia last weekend.

The UN Human Rights Office has spoken to witnesses who say that at around 9am on June 18, a group of armed individuals descended on the village of Tole, with a predominantly Amhara population, and reportedly began shooting at random, leaving hundreds dead – most of them women and children – and forcing an estimated 2,000 more people to flee their homes. The armed individuals also reportedly burned several houses during the four-hour assault.

I am horrified by the senseless slaughteras well as the forced displacement of the local population in the attack on the village of Tole,” said Michelle Bachelet.

An unknown number of people are believed to have been abducted during the attack and their whereabouts remain unknown. “I call on the authorities to take all necessary and legal measures to guarantee that the kidnapped persons regain their freedom,” added the High Commissioner.

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