College van Almere resigns over Floriade million noose


The Almere college offered its resignation on Thursday evening due to the loss of millions to the Floriade. The horticultural exhibition cost the municipality 34 million euros more than expected, partly because the event attracted far fewer visitors than expected.

The city council offered the resignation at the council meeting on Thursday evening. “Now that attendance is so disappointing, we feel we must take responsibility. We are therefore offering our resignation tonight,” the aldermen said in a statement to council.

Reported earlier today Broadcast Flevoland already that the Floriade would cost 33.8 million euros more than expected. An important reason is the disappointing number of visitors who come to the event. Since opening on April 14, there have only been 232,500, the local broadcaster wrote. This is far less than the two million visitors hoped for.

Among other things, the high admission price and the high inflation are mentioned as reasons for the disappointing number of visitors. In addition, the costs for the event were higher due to the adjustments that had to be made in the context of the corona pandemic.

All this means that the costs are 33.8 million euros higher than expected. In addition to the already estimated expenses of 41.5 million euros, this leads to a total cost item of around 75 million euros for Almere.

The municipality is still in consultation with the province and the central government to find out if they want to contribute to the additional expenses. But according to Broadcast Flevoland have already said that they have no intention of doing so.

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